WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Why Loosie?

Loosie Stick official offers amazing user quality and value. With 350 puffs and 15 flavors, Loosie Sticks delivers the desirable effect that users look forward to. 

Quality Over Quantity

Loosie Stick disposables offer the best quality for the lowest prices. You'll rarely find the leaking issue that comes with many other disposables. 

Bulk Purchases

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By far THE best out there. Great hit every time and all the flavors are just that- FLAVORFUL! I dare not even mention my favorite as they are already out of stock and the last thing I need are more folks getting their orders in before mine! hahaha Seriously though, Loosies have it all: tasty flavors, smooth hit and a GREAT price! I plan to stock up the first chance I get!

Vicky Martinez

Tried these excellent product, great tasting and true to the quality would recommend them highly

Denise Giardina

The flavors are amazing, they last decently long too compared to others. I would definitely recommend trying these